Previous Clients


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“True to our word (for once), this weekend we recorded two tracks with Umair Chaudry at Silver Street Studios in Reading for the split with Undersmile… Suffice it to say that we’re very pleased with our weekend’s work, and would recommend recording at Silver Street Studios and working with the eminently agreeable Umair.” – Caretaker


“My prize for getting Demo of the Month this month..was a half day in Silver Street Studios…. Just wanted to give props to Umair, Really nice guy, laid back with good ideas. We recorded two tracks today and i am Skankingly happy with the results” – Asher Dust


“Just got the cd part of our new split! BAM! Umair Chaudhry did a fucking sterling job! next the vinyl, then construction, then release! oooo’errrr!” – Silent Front


“New track is sounding awesome! Big thanks to Umair at Silver Street Studios, amazing job.” – Everyone Needs A Nemesis


“We spent more time in the studio on the second album so it sounds more professional and shows how we’ve developed our style but while maintaining what makes us us. I’m also proud of the fact that we used the same recording engineer on both albums, and have developed a friendship with him.” – Mutant Zombie Foetus


“Thanks for the mixes. Both sounding really good; love the drum sound especially.” – Harry Angel


“Rob and I really enjoyed working with you, and are really pleased with all the mixes. Thanks very much for all your help! If we decide to record again later in the year, we’ll definitely be in contact with you!” – Auctioneers


“Thanks very much Umair i am really happy with the work you have done on this. I really appreciate it. I’m sure i will be coming to you again soon to get my future work mastered.” – Half Decent


“We recorded two tracks for our EP Ruins on the Shore with Umair and we were really pleased with the results. He creates a fantastic sound that is full of atmosphere and power, but crucially, he retains the original character of every instrument. He is easy to work with, and creates a relaxed environment in the studio that really helps you get the best results from the recording. We would highly recommend working with Umair for recording, mixing and mastering.” – Indica Blues