Conrol Room (Evolution Studios)


I offer a full recording service for bands and artists. I prefer to record "live" with everyone playing simultaneously, as I feel this gives the truest and most organic result. However, I can be flexible and record in layers or however the client prefers.

I place plenty of emphasis on "room miking", using ambient microphones to give a sense of space and natural sound (dependent on the material).

A full day's recording will typically last 8 hours, but this can be longer if needed.

Allen & Heath GS3000 (Soundworks)


When it comes to mixing I'm a big fan of vintage analogue gear and / or analogue modeled plugins. In combination with modern digital processes I am able to provide clear, dynamic and balanced mixes to any format required.

Some processes I use include: analogue modelled summing, tape machine emulation, parallel compression, side chaining and drum re-triggering when necessary.

Check out the Samples page to hear some of my work.



I am able to provide tonally balanced masters which will sound great on the majority of systems. You can expect improved loudness without distortion, balancing and removing unwanted frequencies, adding warmth, punch and clarity, compression and multiband processes where needed. The masters can be rendered to CD, uploaded or converted to DDP file format to the Red Book standard ready for full scale duplication / replication.

I use modeled Massive Passive EQ, Pultec EQ, SSL and Fairchild bus compression among others.

I am able to provide a free sample on request (WAV file required)

To hear before and after samples, click here

O2 Academy Oxford

Live Sound

I am available to hire as a sound engineer for live shows and other events, with or without a PA system (PA can be provided to request). Some music venues I have worked at include The o2 Academy (Oxford), The Bullingdon (Oxford), The Cellar (Oxford), The Jericho Tavern (Oxford) and Oakford Social Club (Reading).