Tad Studios is a multi purpose recording / rehearsal studio, run by musicians for musicians since 2011.

Based on a farm in Little Chesterton just outside Bicester, the studio is easily accessible, secure and equipped for a variety of services, from band recording, to singer songwriters to voice over. Flexibility, comfort and ease is our philosophy.

The studio features 3 sound-proofed live rooms for dual purpose recording and rehearsal, 2 guitar isolation booths, vocal booth, control room, kitchen area and bathroom. We have large TV screens in each room equipped with Apple TV and cameras view-able in all the rooms.

Each room's PA system is also equipped with Bluetooth music streaming, for easy music listening from your phone or Bluetooth equipped device. Another fantastic feature is phone-app controllable LED lighting in each room, allowing you to change the colour for more atmosphere during your recording session or rehearsal.

Each of our live rooms has 18 inputs and 6 stereo headphone outputs. Each room is routed directly to the control room, meaning signals can be patched to and from any area of the studio for maximum flexibility.

Each room has a different sound for recording. Live room 1 is the most spacious, with a high ceiling and wooden flooring (perfect if you're looking for a big drum sound). Live room 2 is a "deader" sounding space with more acoustic absorption, and live room 3 is the "deadest" of the three spaces.

We have taken an analogue / digital hybrid approach with our control room, with an SSL Nucleus desk at the heart and range of vintage style pre-amps on offer. Monitoring is via our beautiful sounding Adam A8X monitor speakers.

Rather than leave musician's monitoring as an afterthought, we have provided up to 6 separate stereo headphone mixes from the control room, which are patch-able to any room. Combined with Senheiser HD280 headphones with great bass response, musicians will be able to hear all instruments clearly and never struggle to hear themselves.

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